Wind Turbines: Large-Scale Energy for Independent Owners

Wind energy is the fastest growing energy source in the United States and has provided 35% of the nation’s new electric generation capacity since 2007. The U.S. is a world leader in wind energy and most states have now implemented standards or goals to increase renewable energy production. As the demand and cost of electricity continues to increase, wind energy plays a key role as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly resource.

To-date, wind energy has traditionally fallen into one of two categories: a small-scale wind system less than 100 kW in size or a utility-scale wind farm consisting of commercial wind turbines installed in large masses.

Mid-Size Projects
Vibrant Energy Solutions initially entered the market uniquely positioned as a developer of mid-sized wind projects. A mid-sized distributed generation project generally ranges from 100 kW up to 10 MW in rated capacity project size. These projects require the same attention typically only given to larger utility-scale wind farms.

Farm and Residential-Scale Turbines
In 2012 we expanded on our mid-size offering and now also offer residential and farm-scale wind system installation. After over a year of evaluation of top manufacturers, based on technical capability and service, we've partnered with Endurance WindPower to bring their leading turbine to our market, Endurance has hundreds of successful installations to its name and offers turbines ideally suited to our geography and climate.

Proud to Serve as your Wind Installer / Developer
Vibrant Energy Solutions offers private owners the opportunity to generate clean and reliable electricity. The power generated from our projects goes directly into the electricity-using facility or onto the distribution line to be used locally. A wind project can provide a portion of or all of a consumer’s power supply needs and also provides an opportunity to sell excess capacity.

A wind project offers many advantages including a long-term fixed cost of electricity, energy independence, positive environmental impacts, tax and grant benefits, and a sound return on investment to name a few. Landowners, farmers, industrial or commercial enterprises, businesses, municipals, schools, communities, and other organizations now have the power to self-generate electricity.

Vibrant Energy Solutions looks forward to bringing all the benefits of a wind project to fruition as your full service installation/development partner. Please contact us today to learn more about how to get started on this exciting opportunity!

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Benefits and Advantages

Full-Service Development:

Smaller wind projects require much of the same attention as utility-scale projects. We can help you from start to finish.

Wind Turbine Supply:

We work with you to select the best turbine for your site and wind regime, with a variety of the top producing, most reliable wind turbine manufacturers such as GE and Endurance.

Local Energy:

The power generated from a wind system flows directly into the electricity-using facility or onto a nearby distribution line to be used in the local area.

Best Practices:

When working with small or large-scale turbines, we apply the best practices of large wind farm development in order to meet the installation and financing requirements of your site.