Wind Turbines – Harness your wind

Have you considered installing a wind turbine to offset your electricity usage?

Vibrant Energy Solutions is a full-service wind turbine installer and wind energy development company.  We can assist with the start to finish development of your wind project, beginning with an initial wind assessment and ending with an operating wind turbine.

We help farmers, landowners, communities, schools and businesses harness their wind.  Contact us today to get started.


We are currently in development on mid-sized projects in the Upper MidWest, but can work with you on various pieces of the development and turbine supply process in other regions as well.

We have also partnered with Milbank PowerGen to bring the Endurance turbines to market in Minnesota.  There have been hundreds of successful Endurance turbines installed worldwide.


Wind has provided 35% of the United States new electric generating capacity since 2007.  It has created a new domestic manufacturing sector along with many thousands of jobs.

A few of the many benefits of installing a wind turbine include:

  • Self-Generated clean electricty
  • Sound Return on your investment
  • Grants and tax incentives available to reduce project costs
  • Clean energy production to lower your carbon footprint
  • Lower cost of energy throughout the life of the project
  • Utilization of abundant wind resources
  • Environmental benefits and More

If you’re considering a wind project for your property, business, municipality or school, please contact Vibrant Energy Solutions to find out how we can help you get started.