Recycling Wind Turbines

Recycling options for Wind Turbines vary greatly in methodology, cost, and return.  It’s crucial that turbine owners choose their downstream partners wisely, both for optimal return and responsible disposition. provides our clients with the confidence that their wind turbines are being processed in a responsible and cost-effective manner.  Raw materials are shopped globally to find the most attractive bulk pricing from trusted partners and we also ensure environmental regulations and security are adhered to with our local processors.

We always promotes resale first and foremost, considering the higher return, but when that’s not an option, proper recycling is crucial.

Peace of Mind and PR for Turbine Owners:

Achieve peace of mind with our responsible downstream asset disposition options and reporting, with the knowledge that we’re partnering with best of breed recyclers for all the components of your turbines and obtaining optimal bulk rates. will also provide downstream reporting on your assets, which you can use in your PR efforts.  As a value-add option, we also offer co-op PR and press releases in partnership with our turbine sellers.

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